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"Encouraging, inspiring and actually fun to read, Creative Girl gives its readers a master class in career actualization. Whether it's guidance on how to tap into your talents, advice on how to work creatively in a corporate world, or the roadmap for setting up your own business or freelance venture, Sise offers up all the tools needed to satisfy your soul and your bank account."

--Jamie Rosen, W Magazine 

“When Sise was in her early 20s, she realized she needed a second job to support her acting career. Instead of temping or waitressing, she stayed true to her creative nature and chose jewelry design, and in a few years she was able to support herself without sacrificing her dreams or temperament to an office job. In fresh, funny, and cheerful prose, she helps her readers figure out what they want to do and build a roadmap for getting there. She breaks down the practicalities of a fulfilling and financially self-sufficient life, including finding a mentor, deciding when to leave a day job, developing weapons for overcoming fear, learning the legalities, as well as résumé polishing, interviewing, negotiating, and publicizing yourself. Emphasizing self-evaluation and the use of helpful worksheets, Sise presents solid practical advice and encouragement through interviews with famous "creative girls." Her comprehensive stock of information and playful tone--she urges readers to "Know Your Strength, Know Your Kryptonite"--round out a wonderful survival guide for women looking to make the leap to a satisfying, self-directed career.” 

--Publishers Weekly


If there’s no stability in the corporate world, why not do what you love? Creative Girl shows women how to turn their talents into a money-making career…smartly. Whether readers are just tapping into their creativity and want to see where it takes them, or if they’re already making a creative living and know it’s time to grab hold of the next level of success, this book has specific advice for women at varying stages.

Author Katharine Sise has certainly “walked the walk” of a creative entrepreneur, as she created her own jewelry line that has won the praise of celebrities and the fashion world. Here she provides ideas for sparking one’s creative talent (through meditating and journaling), and narrowing down what career lifestyle is right for each reader. She also shares insider tips on the realities of navigating a creative career and handling a business—such as how to brand yourself and how to build a platform and garner publicity. Katharine debunks the myth of the “starving artist” and shows how one can turn inspiration into a profitable livelihood.